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We would like to sincerely wish all of our partners and friends a blessed 2012, as well as express our gratitude for your faithful support and prayers on our behalf during 2011. We are thankful to have arrived safely back to the field in December and are continuing to believe God for miracles, revival and victory both in our family and in the work of God in Paraguay. The next months will be busy with Bible school, in the area of promotions as well as teaching in the central location and traveling to encourage and oversee the extension program. We will also be promoting missions giving in the local churches for the purpose of starting new works in unchurched areas of the country. And very enthusiastically we will promote national evangelism through tent revivals and the printing and distribution of tracts and Bible studies. Thank you for praying and believing with us concerning these different avenues of training and outreach. The goal is souls!



Last year a new addition of offices and a kitchen/lunchroom was built onto the school, relieving the strain on the space and facilities at the central church. Also, govern-ment approval was granted to open the next grade, which means the Christian education is now available for preschool through the seventh grade. Many thanks to all who have given and who continue to give in support of New Heights School and the children and families whose lives and futures are being changed one day at a time.








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